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  • casper.

Talk about a born to be model. Casper is a dalmation with Heterochromia (two different eye colors) which makes him especially handsome. Beyond just his looks, casper is the sweetest most well behaved canine. He is no stranger to the camera as casper has been a model in various campaigns and commercials. on set, casper loved treats and a particular blue ball. the cutest part of his shoot was he was so excited the whole time and he kept slipping on the set (hence our nickname for him "slippy feet").

Casper was our model for the navy roll over. dog set because we thought that with his beautiful black and white coat, the color would pop most. we were not wrong. we are beyond excited to have casper as a face of our brand and a part of the roll over team.

  • sur.

Sur is a merled english bull dog. At the time of his shoot, sur was just a puppy and now has grown to be just as cute. everyone on set fell in love with sur, both for his looks and personality - how could you not!? Sur too has Heterochromia (left eye blue, right eye green).

on set, sur was a natural. depsite his stout legs he was jumping all over the place trying to catch treats and toys. his rolls in mid air are a spectacle I wish you all got to see. while sur loved the treats he was given, he was truly all about kisses.

Sur rocked the bone roll over dog set because we loved how it camouflaged into his coat and pattern. after the shoot, we all realised we need a sur in our life. We are so happy to have him as part of the roll over. team.

  • bella.

bella is a pure bred boxer who has mastered the puppy dog face. when bella arrived to set she was distracted by the people so we played with her a bit... we may have tired her out, because on set all she wanted to do was lay.

we weren't mad about it though because it gave for the most adorable shots while she was just chillin. bella is a lover at heart and enjoyed her treats while laying down (breakfast in bed? yes please).

Bella was dressed in the blush roll over. dog set because of the beautiful lady she is and how amazing the blush looked on how brindle brown and black coat. We enjoyed spoiling her with belly rubs and feel so lucky that she is part of our team here at roll over.

  • cash.
  • sue.

cash is a half golden doodle half teddy bear and his fur makes him look like a california surfer. his personality confirms his surfer looks, because he is a hardcore chiller. when cash came onto set, he was extremely shy. he wanted nothing to do with the camera and only wanted to sit in our laps. we tried to entice him with some treats and toys but he was reluctant to get in front of the camera. instead he got belly rubs while he got to watch sue take the spotlight.

sue on the otherhand is an energizer bunny who had just downed 6 coldbrews. she lightens up the room with her energy running back and forth to everyone in the room with a huge smile across her cute face. sue was a natural and was doing kung fu moves while trying to catch the treats and toys we gave her. her favorite thing was the peanut butter which made her tongue the star of the show.

we chose the ivy color for both sue and cash because of their gold coat. we are so excited that we got to have both sue and cash as part of the roll over team. they compliment each other so well!

  • rufus.

Rufus is a mixed terrior that was rescued. he has a joie de vivre that is unmatched. in terms of energy, he is neck-to-neck with sue. you know the dogs that are like "hi how are yo....SQUIRREL!" YEAH, THAT'S RUFUS.

most notably, rufus has this particular prance when he walks and is the happiest dog. his tail was going wild the whole day, and we were here for it.

we dressed rufus in our onyx color because of his light complexion. we are so grateful to have met such a great spirited dog and have him as part of our roll over. team!


Founded by Rotem Tamir in 2022, roll over. is a forward thinking company whose mission is to produce functional dog products that make everyday dog activities easier and better looking. Rotem graduated law school in 2019 at the top of his class, and after practicing law for two years, he realized he was chasing the wrong thing (and no, luckily it was not his dog). Rotem finds much joy in both design (both interior and fashion) and dogs. As a result, during the pandemic, Rotem spent much of his time developing a brand he believed lacked for people like him: roll over.

In its early phase, roll over. will focus on providing functional, chic, and modern dog gear for an affordable price. roll over.’s future goals are to achieve a doggie lifestyle brand and incorporate additional beneficial dog related clean products, such as dog hygiene and dog treats to give the pups the best life and lifestyle that they deserve (think goop, but for dogs).

roll over. is also a brand on a mission to help the many misplaced dogs find a loving home. With time, roll over. will do what it can to be a bright light in the doggie community.